MQS Contract Changeover

Matrix Providers: Always On Your Side
A new period of contract transition is coming for DoD-contracted healthcare workers. If you’re reading this, that’s probably you. Or something you’re interested in. Fear not. As usual, Matrix is at the forefront of DoD contracted health staffing concerns.

The Department of Defense is introducing a new 5- to 10-year contract known as Medical Q-Coded Services (MQS).

Congress has directed the Army, Navy and Air Force, including the Marines and Coast Guard – to consolidate the medical staffing acquisition activities of their health care systems under DHA.

What does it mean to you? Matrix is ready to discuss with you the particulars of your existing position, and how to successfully keep it during this “rollover.” If you don’t have a current position, then we’d like to talk to you about finding one.

Thousands of Job Possibilities over 5+ Years

The complexities of the new MQS system can be daunting. Just leave that up to us. You only need to worry about what kind of long- and short-term positions might be available. Let Matrix Providers be your Contractor of Choice for we are one of only 10 of 36 Contract Awardees that were awarded all four of the following market segments:

• Physician (includes primary and specialty care physicians)
• Dental Services (includes dentists, dental specialists, hygienists, assistants and technicians)
• Nursing Services (includes Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses, Registered Nurses, Advance Practice Nurses and other Specialty Nurses)
• Ancillary Services (includes Laboratory, Radiology, Physical/Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Audiology, Dietetics, Optometry, Respiratory Therapy, and Podiatry)

The MQS Rollout has begun with the Air Force. This new program will eventually affect all branches, but the Air Force has gone first. Most or all Air Force contracted HCWs will see their positions re-competed in 2018-2019. Matrix is one of the 21 contractors on that legacy contract. We’ve made it our mission to be the best, and it shows. We are in the top 10% of contractors who meet or exceed all performance standards on the Air Force contract. We will do it again on MQS.

Seamless Transitions in a Complex System

As you might know, Matrix leads the industry in access and placement within DoD positions. Our entire business culture is based on serving those who serve. And we’re proud to say our placement record is over 99%. That’s the kind of track record you can count on during transitional times.

For current Matrix HCWs:

Matrix will fight hard with you to re-win your position when it comes up in the MQS transition. We will get in touch with you before that competition occurs, and discuss together how we can keep you with Matrix. If your interests have expanded beyond your current position, we are happy to discuss that as well.

For HCWs who are not currently Matrix Providers:

We encourage you to view our current job openings. We are as close as your phone to navigate you to current and future HCW placement opportunities with Matrix Providers.

Top Compensation and Benefits–Your Bottom Line

Whether you’re part of the Matrix team already, or if we’ve just piqued your interest, we encourage you to contact Matrix about participating in the MQS transition with us. Our staff are, and always have been, our greatest asset and cornerstone of our corporate mission. With Matrix, you will experience:

• Access to thousands of jobs for physicians, nurses, dental, and ancillary providers
• A seamless transition to career opportunities across the country that match your career goals
• Top compensation and a robust benefits plan built to bring you to us and keep you
• A corporate culture focused on you – on meeting our career needs, encouraging your professional growth and development, and always making you our top priority

It’s All About You

As we’ve mentioned, our staff are the reason we are here.

Successful healthcare placements in the government are what we do, plain and simple. And we’re more than happy to help you navigate the intricacies of the Government – and MQS – system. After all, if you succeed, we do too.