Covid-19 Information

Keepng our family of providers informed.
Hello Matrix Providers!

Per Dr. Bill Rivard’s video message that was sent to your email on September 16th, our first responsibility as a business is the safety of our employees, our military men and women, veterans, dependents, our clients, and our community. We intend to comply with President Biden’s signed Executive Order as quickly as possible to remain in conformity with this mandate, which requires all federal workers and contractors to be fully vaccinated by November 22nd, 2021. This time frame grants us all the ability to prepare for this mandate and the confidence that we will be able to continue providing care, uninterrupted.

Federal employees and contractors who are either unvaccinated or decline to provide their vaccination status by the November 22nd deadline will, according to current guidance, be required to undergo mandatory Covid testing at least once a week. Your specific assigned base, MTF, hospital, or clinic may consider a twice-weekly testing protocol, depending on your job responsibilities.

We are awaiting word from each facility on possible testing locations on site (if applicable), and how to submit your test result. Matrix Providers is committed to publishing each location’s policy on this as soon as the information becomes available to us. Please know that after November 22nd each location can restrict access to your workplace if you do not present vaccination proof or a negative test within the timeline policy of your employment facility. As such, we strongly encourage all employees to consider getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus if you have not done so already or indicate your reason why you are declining.

Please send your proof of vaccination, or your declination, to Human Resources as quickly as possible.

Submit Your Vaccination, or Your Declination to HR Here

This private information will be protected in your medical file in compliance with HIPPA, at HR.

Please continue to check this link often for further updates, as changes can occur almost daily.

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